Cloud Tools saves the day !

18 Jan

If you had attended our Cloud Computing with EC2 presentation by Chris, you may recall how
easy it is to develop and deploy services on Amazon Web Services platform.

One of the challenges with the services though is the plumbing required to setup and deploy services dynamically when
your server load goes up. If you need to setup MySQL, Tomcat, Apache and Terracotta to handle
additional server load, Cloud Tools is the solution you are looking for.

Cloud Tools is the opensource management solutions for AWS built on the Groovy platform. Check
it out at CloudTools. If you have a commerical application being ported to AWS and need  expertise

to manage or migrate your application,  Cloud Foundry can do it for you. Cloud Foundtry is the

company building the  Cloud Tools product.

  • Outsourced, automated data center management for Java/Grails applications running on EC2.
  • Upload your web applications and deploy them on EC2 with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Monitors and manages your applications with ease.
  • Outsource your operations department

See some examples of Cloud Tools usage. If you are completely new to AWS and need a quick introduction

checkout the upcoming class, Running Java and Grails apps on Amazon EC2 on Feb 17.


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