VMWare Virtual Infrastructure Java API (July1)

7 Jun

July 1st Meeting

VMware Virtual Infrastructure Java API

VMware Infrastructure (VI) is a suite of software that includes VMware ESX and VirtualCenter Server.
It also includes the VMware Infrastructure (VI) web service interface that enables third party
vendors to integrate with VI.

In this talk, Steve will introduce the open source project VI Java API (http://vijava.sourceforge.net)
he created. This API aims to simplify the usage of VI SDK web services interface and improve productivity.

The key benefits include:
• Enables OO programming with a well defined managed object model
• Reduces the need to use ManagedObjectReference and make possible the compile time type checking
• Hides the complexity of the PropertyCollector
• Provides necessary utility classes to simplify VI SDK web interfaces
• Leverages current VI SDK web services interface while keeping it intact

As a result, the application code using this API is much shorter and much more readable than equivalents
using web service interfaces directly. The API itself is straight-forward and easy to learn and use.

Steve will cover a little about VMware Virtual Infrastructure, the industry leading virtualization platform,
then mainly the API architecture, object model and how to effectively use this API for your integration
development and research projects.


Steve Jin is a senior member of technical staff at VMware Engineering in Palo Alto, California. Dr. Jin
received his Ph.D. in control theory from prestigious Tsinghua Universtiy, China, in 1995, specializing
in CIMS. He created the VI Java API and pushed it open sourced while helping VMware strategic partners to
implement VI integration.
Prior to VMware, he had worked for IBM Research, Rational Software and other companies in various technical
and management positions. He has authored two books on Java and software engineering, and an upcoming book
next year.


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