Flex Clients with JBoss Seam and EJBs (July 1)

7 Jun

Felipe Albertao and Darius Zagrean

JBoss Seam is a next-generation open source Internet framework for Java, while Adobe Flex is a fantastic Rich Internet Application platform. In this session we will go through a step-by-step tutorial using JBoss Seam and EJBs, demonstrating how Seam makes it easy to do remote calls to EJBs using AJAX, and then how it leverages the same architecture for Flex clients.

Felipe and Darius work together at www.BoulevardR.com, a startup that has developed an online process to create actionable, unbiased financial plans prepared by experts. Their talk is directly drawn from their own experience at Boulevard R, where they use this same set of technologies.


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    […] 1st By dariusAdd commentsUncategorized Felipe Albertao and I will be doing a presentation at Java SIG on July 1st in Palo Alto. I’ll post the presentation demo afterwards. This time the demo code will be […]

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